Welcome to Scottish House – A small corner of Scotland in Sweden

Scottish House has been operating since the early 1990s. We focus on quality British craftsmanship and today have an assortment ranging from whisky glasses to tweed jackets from the very best suppliers we have found during our travels to the UK

Scottish House is Glencairn's home in Sweden

In addition to the store in Kungsholmen, we have our online store, and are proud distributors for Scottish crystal glass manufacturer Glencairn Crystal in Sweden. Whether you are a retailer or a private individual, you can order Glencairn's beautiful, award-winning crystal glass and accessories directly from us. We also accept special orders such as engraved glasses and various gift packages for companies. If you have questions or concerns about Glencairn products, you've come to the right place. We introduced Glencairn Crystal in Sweden in 2006 and have since made contacts and sold the immensely popular whisky tasting glass throughout Scandinavia.

Whether you visit our webshop or our store in Kungsholmen, you will discover our world of wonderful products from the UK.

A genuine interest in materials and craftsmanship runs like a thread through the development of Scottish House, and of course our genuine Scottish personality. Scottish House has been built and is still run by Glasgow-born founder Patrick McVey Gillion together with fellow countryman Anthony McCartan and of course with a lot of help from the families. The trips home have been many and each time we bring a piece of our homeland to our new home in Sweden. This has of course shaped our whole identity, high quality at the best price we can get.

A warm welcome to Scottish House!

Slainthe Mvath – to your Health and Happiness